Beauty Courses

Here you will find information and advice on face and body courses including: facial treatments, body wraps and ear piercing; eyelash and eyebrow treatments; makeup and spray tanning training.

Fast Track Beauty Courses

There are very few professions in the world that have evolved and diversified over the years at a speed matching that of the beauty industry. It has grown by leaps and bounds and in today’s day and age, salons offer a multitude of services; ranging from cosmetic packages to skin and hair therapy sessions, holistic […]

Eyelash Extension Training Courses

There was a time – not long ago – when the only place you would see eyelash extensions was at a photo shoot or film premier or similar red carpet event. Now they are all over the place. With this increased popularity comes the potential for those skilled in applying eyelash extensions to earn a […]

Spray Tanning Training Courses

Spray Tanning has recently become one of the most popular method for applying a fake tan. A Spray Tanning course is ideal for novices or for established beauty therapists wanting to increase their skills and techniques in spray tanning. The training courses which are available from many different training centres and colleges will show you […]

All You Need To Know About Bikini Waxing

It’s one of the most popular treatments at salon even though this type of waxing isn’t just the most comfortable. The bikini wax (including the ‘Brazilian’ wax) is one of the more common of waxing treatments requested by clients. While trying to make themselves physically and emotionally prepared for their treatment, some make fundamental mistakes […]

Courses In Beauty Facial Treatment

Summer is here, but all this hot sunshine we are enjoying can unfortunately lead problems from skin tones discolouration to faster ageing and even, when the heat hits the skin, tanning – though let us be real, the majority of people are certainly not likely to whine about this one! Even though all of us […]

Sugaring With EpilaDerm

Sugaring is an old technique for removing hairs that was first used by the ancient Egyptians. Initially influenced by Alexander the Great, the girls in Egypt deemed a body without hairs to be a sign of youth, beauty and innocence. In contrast to some other hair removal methods, Sugaring makes use of a natural sugarpaste […]