Fast Track Beauty Courses

By | February 17, 2014

fasttrackThere are very few professions in the world that have evolved and diversified over the years at a speed matching that of the beauty industry. It has grown by leaps and bounds and in today’s day and age, salons offer a multitude of services; ranging from cosmetic packages to skin and hair therapy sessions, holistic body massages and other treatments that could rival that of a Cosmetologist!

The beauty industry has much to offer in terms of career prospects since over the course of your employment, it allows you to specialise in a field entirely of your choosing and preference. In addition to being a stimulating career and one which opens the door to a myriad of opportunities, it is also a very lucrative profession. For those who aspire to be a part of this industry, can now accomplish becoming a qualified beauty therapist within a period of less than three months!

Elite (Fast Track)  NVQ Training Courses

The Carlton Institute, over the past two decades, has acquired a stellar reputation for conducting elite NVQ training programs. These programs encompass training from experienced trainiers and crucially, help you to gain a hands-on experience with job placements in top notch spas and salons.

Given the mind boggling variety in available beauty services, the Elite Training Program is essentially a Fast Track training course at the Carlton Institute that comprises of teaching on a variety of subjects from Beauty Therapy Level 2 and 3 to Body Massage Level 3, focussing on the most contemporary services and treatments in the industry today. These range from basic services such as hair removal to the more advanced, facial treatments, hand and foot spa treatments and holistic body services. In addition to helping trainees acquire a unique skill set, the structure of the Elite Course will ensure, that the newly qualified beauty therapist also gains an essential understanding of how top spas and salons in the country function; many such therapists in the past have gone on to be employed by top spas such as Virgin Active, Dove Spa and Champneys.

Beauty Therapy

In the present day, a therapist must have a few other qualities as well: sometimes they maybe required to play the role of a helpful advisor and sometimes just that of a confidante. Over of the course of their lives, women in particular encounter many beauty concerns, some of which could be embarrassing or just inevitable due to an advancing age. Often they need assistance to zero in on safe, economical and most importantly effective solutions for their skin, hair or body concerns, and this is precisely where, a trusted beauty therapist becomes the ideal person to consult.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this industry is that it permits a growth trajectory to a therapist that is practically unlimited. The Intensive Fast Track Beauty Courses at the Carlton Institute are like a springboard; not only do they provide you with vital experience to start your career, they also gives you an excellent foundation for more advanced and specialised courses, should you be keen on pursuing them in the future. This industry has come an extremely long way in the last couple of decades; the innovation in the field of cosmetic products, skin and body treatments has been immense and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s an ever changing landscape and for those keen broadening their work profile or being self employed or turning entrepreneurs in the years to come, the industry offers ample opportunities to carve your own niche!


As well as becoming NVQ qualified in beauty therapy you can become qualified in body massage (NVQ Level 3) within 3 weeks with The Carlton Institute with no previous experience necessary.


All of these Elite/Fast Track courses are available at their Stockport and Windsor training centres.