Spray Tanning Training Courses

By | October 16, 2013

spray tanningSpray Tanning has recently become one of the most popular method for applying a fake tan. A Spray Tanning course is ideal for novices or for established beauty therapists wanting to increase their skills and techniques in spray tanning.

The training courses which are available from many different training centres and colleges will show you the way to give your customers the tan they want without the risks or damage potential of bathing in the ultraviolet rays of the sun bed or sunlight.

Typical Earnings

One you become confident in applying the tan you can charge up to £25-30 per 15 minute treatment. Considering that training courses for spray tanning typically cost around £90-150 you will very quickly get a return on your initial investment

The Course

Courses which generally last half a day or on evening (around 3 hours) consist of practical training as well as theory to provide you as much understanding of the treatment as possible with a hands-on approach of teaching you the spray tanning methods.

Depending on which training provider you use you will either learn to spray tan with a specific product such as XenTan or your tutor will provide you with an overview of popular products on the market allowing you to decide which one you wish to use.

After you have completed the training you will receive a diploma in spray tanning which will enable you to obtain insurance (make sure you attend a fully accredited training course). Once you are insured to apply a certain treatment you can legally charge clients for you work.

Previous Experience & Qualifications?

It is not necessary to have any previous experience, qualification or even knowledge of the beauty industry to take part in the course. The course assumes you are a complete beginner.

How Much Do The Courses Cost?

Prices vary but you can usually find a fully accredited course being held in most parts of the UK for less than £100.

Other Spray Tanning Course Information

  • Often students will be required to work on each other during the practical training
  • A spray tan manual is often provided which you can take home and study at your leisure. This manual will tell you everything you need to know to pass the theory part of the course.
  • Generally all equipment and products are provided by the training staff so you will not be required to bring anything with you