Sugaring With EpilaDerm

By | June 19, 2013

Sugaring is an old technique for removing hairs that was first used by the ancient Egyptians. Initially influenced by Alexander the Great, the girls in Egypt deemed a body without hairs to be a sign of youth, beauty and innocence. In contrast to some other hair removal methods, Sugaring makes use of a natural sugarpaste produced from a formulation of food such as sugar, water or lemon juice, to eliminate hair at the root. Results can continue up-to 6 weeks, when treated correctly.


EpilaDerm has developed a means of creating a paste to produce softer, slower and thinner hair regrowth, a decrease in hair regrowth commonly with a fewer number of hairs, developments in complexion, decrease of ingrowing hairs and raised relaxation via the epilation. The Sugarpaste is used at body temperature thus doesn’t burn your skin and is appropriate for delicate and challenging skin.


It works on very short hairs also

Epilation of short hairs is considerably simpler with sugaring because the epilation isn’t towards, but instead in, the normal course of hair direction. This results in less skin irritation and hair breakage. The Sugarpaste adherers only to your hair rather than to your skin, this will lead not just to softer as well as significantly less irritating hair removal, but also to an improvement in the situation and look of the skin due to the light shedding of the top levels of the skin that happens at the same time.


Epiladerm sugar paste is, in addition, simple as it’s just sugar as well as water to clear-up, it can still be reapplied to areas where hair was missed without fear of irritation. It needs expertise to do this treatment efficiently but after the technique is learned many beauty therapists really find it easier than conventional waxing and prefer this method of hair removal.

Training in Sugaring

Surprisingly, it is comparatively difficult to find many professionals that perform this technique utilizing the formula and this is why Carlton Institute has teamed up with EpilaDerm to offer training for this treatment.

With now seventeen beauty teaching centers across the United Kingdom, at the Carlton Institute we provide authorities accredited beauty courses including Sugaring hair removal courses, using the EpilaDerm approach. If you’re interested in learning Sugaring or wish to discover other beauty techniques to professional standard, now could not be a better time-to get training with us.

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Want to find out more? Why don’t you see yourself at one of The Carlton Institute open days. They have several running this month across multiple centres in the UK, where EpilaDerm is going to be presented.