Beauty Therapy

Below you will find posts about accredited training courses in beauty therapy. I would highly recommend that you read each one if you are seriously interesting in becoming a therapist.


200413313-001If you are brand new to this industry but interested in starting a career in it I would recommend that you first read the getting started primer page, as this covers all the basic decisions that you need to take before you sign up for training. Also you should take a look at the following posts to bring you up to speed on what a career in this subject is all about, how much you can earn and how you can go about getting qualified.

Seasoned professionals

seasonedIf you have been working in this industry for some time then you are probably quite familiar with the stuff reference above. You may be looking to get trained in some new treatments, if so your first stop should be the diploma training courses section. Maybe you would like to achieve an NVQ Level 2 or 3 qualification which can be obtained in as little as 10 weeks! Or possibly running your own mobile business is more you bag. Which ever direction you choose you we hope you find the information in these pages useful.

It covers nearly all types of beauty treatments to some degree from make-up to massage and nails to waxing. If you want a career in which you carry out a variety of different treatments and meet many different kinds of people or are just unsure of which role you want to play in the industry this is a good choice.

Beauty is one sector which has continued to grow throughout the global economic crisis. If you are new to this industry and are unsure of how to get you foot in the door, here you will find all the information you need to get you started. As a qualified Beauty Therapist you would have the option of working in a salon, spa or as a self employed mobile therapist.

What is a Beauty Therapist?

Before thinking about enrolling for a beauty therapy training course you probably want to know what exactly what you will be doing after completing the course. What is a Beauty Therapist? What does a typical day’s duties consist of? How many hours will you be expected to work? And how much can you earn? Answers […]

Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3 Course

Once you’ve achieved your NVQ Level 2 status, you should further your education, and broaden your skill set, with a Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3 course. You’ll be able to offer advanced treatments with an NVQ L3 certification and you’ll expand your employability, such as working in a salon or spa on a cruise liner […]

Beauty Therapy Courses In Belfast

Are you struggling to find happiness in your current job? Does your heart and soul yearn to do something else? Something that will make people look and feel fantastic? Then look to the courses offered byThe Carlton Institute! You can attend their NVQ Level 2 course in Belfast which works with your schedule and budget […]

Beauty Therapy Courses In London

Gaining a qualification in Beauty Therapy, be it NVQ Level 2 or 3 or equivalent, will enable you to start a potential lucrative career full of opportunities and experiences. There are many training centres where you can learn all the skills needed to become qualified up and down the UK including a number of locations […]

Fast Track (10 weeks) Beauty Therapy Courses

You can now train to be a fully qualified Beauty Therapist in just 10 weeks thanks to The Carlton Institute’s Elite Beauty Therapy training courses. Some people just don’t have the time to dedicate two years of their lives to a course so The Carlton Institute have created an intensive 10 week training course to […]

Train as a Mobile Beauty Therapist

Beauty is a fast-growing business with a quick turnover in sales and work opportunities. Men and women have always wanted to look great, happy and healthy, nevertheless on 2013 in which media intake is larger ever, we’re getting a lot more mindful of both our own looks and of other people, and consequently visual fascination […]

Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 2 Course

The Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 2 course is a great training course, allowing anyone with an aspiration for a career in the ever growing beauty industry. The Course will allow students to gain the qualifications they need to either apply for work in a salon or spa, or even provide them with skills to start […]

Beauty Therapist Salary

The main task of a beauty therapist is to carry out facial and body treatments on customers so as to make them feel and look good. For someone to qualify to become a one in the United Kingdom, they have to have a significant level 3 qualification like an NVQ. This can also be attained […]

How To Become A Beauty Therapist In The UK

If you like the idea of making people look and feel great a career as a Beauty Therapist may right for you. As a therapist you could find yourself using face and body treatments in salons, spas, cruise ships, hotels, from your own home or as a mobile therapist visiting client in their homes. You […]

Beauty Therapists Job Description

What do they do? Administer a range of beauty treatments and massage to clients in a salon, spa or in their own homes (Mobile Beauty Therapist). If you work in a salon you may also be promoting and selling beauty products. What qualifications are required? To work in a salon or spa (employed) you will […]