Beauty Therapy Courses In Belfast

By | April 15, 2014

belfast-btAre you struggling to find happiness in your current job? Does your heart and soul yearn to do something else? Something that will make people look and feel fantastic? Then look to the courses offered byThe Carlton Institute!

You can attend their NVQ Level 2 course in Belfast which works with your schedule and budget as they have various options available to help you pay for the course and you can choose the dates that work best for your schedule. Their staff has over 20 years of experience teaching in the industry and they’ve trained thousands of therapists.

The Carlton Institute NVQ Courses

You’ll have the support of their amazing customer service team throughout your training. They’re available Monday through Friday to help you with all of your concerns, issues, and problems. You don’t have to worry about mucking about in a low rent, dingy pop-up classroom. The classrooms are in established schools with all of the latest in beauty equipment, well maintained and clean as a whistle.

When you attend they provide all of the training equipment that you need. All you need to do is get and wear your therapist’s tunic to each class and purchase the full range of products for each treatment and everything you need is available at their kit and uniform shops. They also provide books, furniture, and accessories in their shops, all the things that you’ll need as a budding therapist.

Course locations in Belfast

The Carlton Institute have recently moved their Belfast training centre to a new location. You will be taught by their experienced tutor Natacha Mc Mahon.


Unit 14b
Edenderry Industrial Estate
326 Crumlin Road
BT14 7EE

Course Contents

During the NVQ L2 course, you’ll learn about giving manicures and pedicures, applying make-up to varying skin and face types, giving facial treatments, waxing, brow and lash treatments like tints and shapes, as well as basic anatomy and physiology courses and Health & Safety, so you can make sure that you’re not unwittingly passing on any illnesses or diseases such as conjunctivitis or a rash.

Mastering the above treatments is vital; they are the most popular spa and salon treatments and they’re the gateway to more advanced classes like Electrical Treatments (such as Electrolysis) and Nail Extensions.


You’ll also gain VTCT qualifications at their schools, which are Habia approved. So, what does that mean exactly? Habia stands for “Hair and Beauty Industry Authority” and are considered the go-to authority for registered therapists and a VTCT qualification is an award given by the Vocational Training Charitable Trust wherein the qualifier has proven their skills repeatedly in both real world and school created situations and assessments. Basically, you’ll be getting industry-recognized accreditation and an instant trust with your clients that can’t be bought. It must be learned and earned.

What happens next

Therapists never stop learning and growing. The more one learns, the more beautiful the weapons they have in their arsenal, as it were, the more one can give to one’s clients and the happier those clients will be.

After your NVQ 2 training, you’ll be assessed on all of the things you’ve learnt during the course with a specified number of case studies in the various treatments that you’ll have to fulfil on your own time. You’ll be able to buy your Indeminity Insurance, continue studying and preparing at home, and build your portfolio and assessment book which you will then hand over to various entities for certification as an NVQ Level 2 certified Beauty Therapist.