Fast Track (10 weeks) Beauty Therapy Courses

By | August 12, 2013

b831b64b-aa4b-4f24-8656-f60d27171024You can now train to be a fully qualified Beauty Therapist in just 10 weeks thanks to The Carlton Institute’s Elite Beauty Therapy training courses.

Some people just don’t have the time to dedicate two years of their lives to a course so The Carlton Institute have created an intensive 10 week training course to get you NVQ qualified. It is currently the fastest way of becoming an NVQ Level 2 qualified Beauty Therapist.

During the 10 week process you will receive hands-on experience in a leading salon or spa and guidance though the entire course by a tutor. 90% of students who complete the course gain employment.

Ask yourself the following two questions:

  • Have you got a caring and creative character?
  • Do you love working with people as well as like making them look great and feel fantastic?

If you answer yes to both, consider utilizing this enthusiasm in a really rewarding profession of a beauty therapy. If you want to start this career as soon as possible then a fast track Elite Beauty Therapy Elite Course is the way forward.

Beauty Therapy

Being a professional beauty therapist can be a both lucrative and rewarding career with numerous job opportunities. It is a favourite career choice for all those with an interest in appearance and all thing beauty. It’s also a really diverse business, and because of the numerous technological developments and ground breaking initiatives which have been made, Being a beauty therapist is so much more than just the old notion of ‘merely putting on make-up’.

Beauty treatments are diverse and vast. They are able to vary from body massage and lash/forehead treatments, to hair-removal, tanning and make-up treatments. With society now getting progressively more image conscious, with much more of the media focus on personal appearance, beauty treatments are in high demand – a demand which continues to grow.

The Beauty treatment business has many facets to it, for example, creation of especially designed products and electric equipment to handle areas for example figuring contouring results, and anti-ageing. However additionally, it encapsulates the professionalism and ability of beauty therapists, using their ability and experiences to do the complete remedies that improves and enriches the psychological and physical beauty of these customers.

Carlton Institute Elite Courses

With more than 21 years of experience, the Carlton Institute offers Elite NVQ training classes designed to enable you to really get that critical work experience and all significant NVQ qualification so you will be work prepared in less than 2 and a half months! Work experience placements are available in top spas for example Dove Spa, Virgin Active and Champneys, many capable therapists are offered employment in the same organisation following the end of their work experience.

Elite (fast-track 10 week) classes cover a variety of things from Beauty Therapy NVQ Lvl 2 and 3 to Body Massage NVQ Lvl 3. Instead of qualifying in a couple of years like at beauty collage, In only 10 weeks you’ll be able to qualify as an extremely capable, professional therapist.

Instruction at NVQ level 2 or 3 is not only a demonstration to your prospective employers that you’re committed and have worked towards accomplishing a national standard in your preferred area of expertise, but also to yourself and indeed customers. With commitment and hard but gratifying work, you can attain your goal in only 10 weeks with a Carlton Institute Elite Course.