Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3 Course

By | April 22, 2014

btnvql3Once you’ve achieved your NVQ Level 2 status, you should further your education, and broaden your skill set, with a Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3 course.

You’ll be able to offer advanced treatments with an NVQ L3 certification and you’ll expand your employability, such as working in a salon or spa on a cruise liner wherein you can travel and see the world! A L3 certification is required before you can learn how to give clients laser treatments, a technique that’s growing in popularity around the world.

Training with The Carlton Institute

They are the UK’s top beauty trainer and if you completed you Level 2 with them you will be pleased to know they are just as flexible with the Level 3 course. If you’re working full time as a Beauty Therapist, the Carlton Institute offers flexible scheduling in addition to expanding your employability and don’t forget that they have incredible payment plan schemes so you can spread your payments out over a period of time. For L3 courses in Beauty Therapy, they also offer the opportunity to apply for a Career Development Loan.

Those who have enrolled in their Level 3 courses also get free access to The Carlton Institute’s equipment for practising the new treatments and to better hone their new found skills before their first client situation and before they have to accomplish their case studies. Practise builds confidence and the more confident you are when working on your clients, the better the results!

The Course

During the course, you’ll spend four days learning how to give electrolysis treatments, two days learning how to give facially-based electrical treatments, two days learning body massage techniques, and one day each learning body-based electrical treatments and how to give hot stone massages. After you complete these ten days, you’ll have your Carlton Institute Diploma and you’ll be able to apply for Public Liability Insurance so you can earn money during your case studies which count toward your NVQ Level 3 certification!

btnvql3mapTraining Centres

You can book to attent this course at the following locations in The UK:

  • Stockport
  • Windsor
  • London
  • Cardiff
  • Chichester

Case Studies

The certification requirements are the same for L3 as they are for L2. You’ll need to complete a certain number of case studies for each new treatment that you learn during your course. The minimum number of treatments vary: electrolysis requires four treatments to each area of the body, hot stone massages require a minimum of sixteen treatments, the body massage case study requires a minimum of two full body massages covered by a minimum of sixteen treatments, and the facial electrical treatment minimum is twenty-five while the body electrical treatment minimum is twenty.

As you complete each case study, you’ll need to chronicle your progress with every client via pictures that go into your portfolio. When your portfolio is signed off on, then you must have your skills assessed both written and practically. Your portfolio and assessment book then are sent to the assessment centre. Once you’ve achieved NVQ L3 certification, you can get a job in a spa or salon practically anywhere (though it’s good to note that other countries may have different requirements for their Beauty Therapists. If you plan on moving, it’s advisable to check in with salons or spas local to the area to which you’re moving to see what they require.)