Beauty Therapist Salary

By | April 1, 2013

therapistThe main task of a beauty therapist is to carry out facial and body treatments on customers so as to make them feel and look good. For someone to qualify to become a one in the United Kingdom, they have to have a significant level 3 qualification like an NVQ. This can also be attained through an apprenticeship.

Most beauty therapists find jobs in salons or spas spread across the United Kingdom. There are also several opportunities for these professionals in other institutions such as fitness clubs, hotels and some even opt to run a mobile salon.

How Much Do They Earn?

The salary that you can expect when working as a therapist is dependent on several factors. Salary types differ due to location, qualifications, demand for such services, and the type of services that a specific beautician will offer his or her clients. The more experienced a beauty therapist is the higher the pay that the individual will receive. For instance, a new comer to the profession will probably make around £14,000 in a year on average. In most instances, professionals with over two years experience receive a salary that ranges between $16,000 and £19,000 a year.

Additional responsibilities

The pay scale will also depend on the responsibilities laid upon the individual by the job. There are some places where one would not have a lot of responsibility, in these cases they will receive a lower pay as a result. However, if the she carries out a whole range of activities from massaging to hair dressing to aromatherapy, then such individuals should expect to receive an increased pay at the end of the month.


Level of training is also a key determinant as to how much a beauty therapist will be paid. The most common qualifications that employers look for include an NVQ diploma with levels 1,2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy. Another major qualification is the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology diploma in Beauty Therapy. The more qualified an individual is, the more the individual is likely to be paid. This is because such an individual will have the authority to increase his or her hourly rate.


If a therapist happens to be the manager of the salon then she will earn over £22,000 in a year. The same applies to those professionals who use highly advanced methods of treatment when carrying out their duties. An example of these advanced forms of treatment is the use of electrolysis in the cleansing of the body.

Additional earnings

It is common to find that those who work in the salon receive better pay than the others who work elsewhere. This is because one who works in a salon will receive more than just a basic salary. The salon employed therapist is usually paid a certain commission on all the products that the individual has sold. More often than not, such individuals are also rewarded with tips from customers for providing them with high quality services.

Average Income (these figures are only intended as a guideline) :

Salon (or similar) employed (full-time): £14,000 – £19,000 + commission & tips

Salon management: £22,000+

Self Employment

The salary of a self employed mobile beauty therapist is at times shaky and hard to predict because:

  • the potential number of clients and vary greatly.
  • the number of hours worked  per week a mobile therapist can also vary greatly