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I Need To Reduce The Shinyness Of My Face

I would love to contribute more except that when I take a pic my forehead and nose are very shiny and I hate that. Is there a simple way to combat that or am I going to need to start using foundation, concealer or a press powder (I swear I don’t even know what some […]

Beauty Therapy Assignment

Hi there, could anyone help me with any of these questions. I have recently enrolled for a Beauty therapy course, and have an assignment to do. Could any of you help me with the questions, or tell me were to look for the answers. a) 8 Job Opportunities available, once you have qualified as a […]

Should I go to beauty training courses?

My mother in law owns a very successful cosmetology school here, and I’m thinking about attending (after not even considering it for 7 years). Those of you who have been or are going, do you have any advice? I have a good job now, but it’s just a job, I really need something to fall […]

Makeup school from home?

Hey everyone! I am not new to make-up but I am self taught. I do not live in a city where I can attend a make-up class or anything like that and I have seen a few good ones online that you can do from home. Has anyone done any of these? If so which […]

Empire Beauty School for make up

Has anyone attended an Empire beauty school? If so how was your experience? Or if anyone could recommend a beauty school in NYC that they know is good. I would appreciate it

Manicures at home

What are the must haves for this? I need to save money but still would like for my nails to look good. So what do I need to buy and advice on how to do them myself at home and what products  I need. Also I need a suggestion on a good nail strengthener that […]

Self Tanning

I am so pale right now and don’t want to use a tanning booth. I have never used a good self tanner before that doesn’t turn me orange. What’s a good one? Thanks!

I think I need new make-up

Can anyone give me tips on what I can do to improve my make-up? I have hooded eyes, and I feel like I look total dragged down. I feel like I look like a basset hound! Thanks!

Paul Mitchell Beauty Training

I have talked about this is my other groups but it seems like you ladies get it, well I have been going to Paul Mitchell for about 3 months now to get my cosmology license and I have to say I just love it there I never thought I would learn so much so quick. […]

Foundation Recommendation

OK so for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time I haven’t really been able to wear makeup. After I had my dd and have been breastfeeding, my hormones reeked havoc on my face and I looked horrible!! I mean I wouldn’t even leave my house that’s how bad it was. Well, my hormones are starting to calm down […]