Beauty Therapy Assignment

By | June 16, 2014

beauty-therapy-assignmentHi there, could anyone help me with any of these questions. I have recently enrolled for a Beauty therapy course, and have an assignment to do. Could any of you help me with the questions, or tell me were to look for the answers.

  • a) 8 Job Opportunities available, once you have qualified as a therapist. The expectations of the job and demands of the job.
  • b) What is code of ethics? 5 examples needed.
  • c) A questionnaire, to find out information on what the general public’s view is on beauty industry.
  • d) Why are the following points important to adopt during your working hours? Honesty, correct time keeping, following of legislation, insurance requirements, understanding of local by-laws, giving good quality treatments.

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1. Teacher at a beauty school
2. Open your own salon
3. Work at a spa
4. Cruise ships, doing hair and nails of those on board
5. Salesperson at a cosmetics counter
6. Exclusive hotels, giving facials, manicure, pedicure, spa treatments, messages to the clients.
7. TV/Movie industry

Code of Ethics is a professional, ethical standard of conduct for a specific profession.
1. Customer/client confidentiality.
2. Honesty
3. Be on time for appointments
4. Be respectful of others
5. Speak intelligently about your profession
6. Compliance with all laws

The points you listed in (d) are important for a variety of reasons. Reputation is very important. If you are dishonest with people, you will soon have no clients. If you are dishonest with the laws that govern the industry, you could be imposed fines, jail, etc. If you don’t understand the laws, you may not adhere to them. The industry as a whole is impacted by YOUR behaviour on the job. The old saying, one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel is applicable to the beauty industry. Word of mouth can and does spread like a wild fire.

How you act (professionally or not professionally) is a reflection not only on yourself, but on the profession as a whole. Insurance is important because you are liable for your actions. What if you were giving a pedicure and used dirty equipment and cut the customers toe really bad..resulting in severe infection and medical bills for the customer, you could and should be sued.

Thanks for your help with my assignment, I used your questions and with your help I got a distinction. 1 assignment down, 9 to go.

I hope “a distinction” is good.

Glad I could help you out. If you have any more questions, just post. Good luck in your endeavours

A distinction in England UK is the best mark/grade you could get

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Please help this is a one of my questions on my assignment!

As a professional working therapist you must consider and comply with ‘codes of ethics’ within the industry. What do you consider ‘codes of ethics’ to represent?

What kind of therapist are you talking about?

Can you help?

As a nail technician how can I make professional contact withal parts of the community to encourage integration and mutual respect?