Empire Beauty School for make up

By | June 12, 2013

empireHas anyone attended an Empire beauty school? If so how was your experience? Or if anyone could recommend a beauty school in NYC that they know is good. I would appreciate it

One thought on “Empire Beauty School for make up

  1. bambalam

    I am not sure of a good NYC school since I don’t live there. But I am in cosmetology school and almost done and you don’t have to go to school to be a makeup artist but the best program that deals with skin, facials, makeup, and other skin related things is Aesthetic or Aesthetician. These programs go more in depth on makeup than beauty school or cosmetology. Hope this may help you out a little. Oh for schooling I saw there is The Academy NYC A Paul Mitchell school it seems legit. 🙂 Good Luck! 🙂

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