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By | March 7, 2013

photo00027OK so for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time I haven’t really been able to wear makeup. After I had my dd and have been breastfeeding, my hormones reeked havoc on my face and I looked horrible!! I mean I wouldn’t even leave my house that’s how bad it was.
Well, my hormones are starting to calm down and I have finally found an acne wash that seems to be working. I want to wear makeup again, but I still have some blemishes that need a good covering. ( I will include a pic. Try not to be too harsh on my skin I know it looks bad! ) I would like some recommendations on a great foundation that I can use or any tips that you ladies have to help my skin look flawless. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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  1. emily

    I also have skin issues, and have just started using Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment all over my face…… And my face is 85% better, and I’ve only been using it since last week…… I’m serious!! No joking!! I use it once in the morning and at night, and I wash with cetaphil, or African Black soap. Now as far as a good foundation for coverage, I would recommend Revlon Colorstay, my good friend is your complexion and it really covers all of her red spots and blemishes well. She uses the color Buff, not sure if you would use that exact shade, but you can try out a few and see what works better……. and take back the ones that don’t. Hope this helps :^)

  2. michelle

    OMG I have been using Neutrogena Acne Free Wash with those micro-beads in it. I LOVE it! I can’t use it everyday because my face gets really dry and flaky. I look like I have a serious case of dandruff on my face!! LOL I will definitely try the on the spot acne treatment…thanks!!

  3. debi

    the only thing thats cleared my face is the neutrogena Wash’s too! it’s amazing i love them =] …as far as foundation goes i was going to post the same thing because i haven’t got a clue about foundation i couldn’t wear it before cause i’d break out horribly and now i am broke so …im going to make a post in a “bigger” group and ask for something thats sorta cheap and works good …i’ll let you know what i get for a response. =] good luck keep me updated

  4. DB

    My hormones were nuts a few years back and then I found out I have thyroid disease, and now that I’m on medication, my skin has cleared (thank God). But, what I was using when my skin was bad is the same foundation I still use today because I love it. It’s by Neutrogena (a theme here?) and it’s called skin clearing foundation or something like that. It has salicylic acid in it.

  5. rebecca

    Yes I have tried NUMEROUS products to get my face clear. Everything from home recipes to spending a ton of money on Mary Kay and proactiv. Not saying those products are junk, they just didn’t work for me. Thank you for the recommendation for neutrogena foundation. I will definitely be looking out for that!!

  6. bambalam

    If I were you I would wear some kind of mineral powder maybe. Has a good one ore bare minerals if you can have one that cost more. I wouldn’t recommend liquid foundation that will probably make you break out.

  7. rebds

    I have the Maybelline mineral powder and the mineral conceler, but it doesn’t cover like I want it to. All the other stuff is way too expensive for me!! Thanks for the thought though!! 🙂

  8. glenbg

    Are you doing anything for hormones? You can get a natural hormone cream that will help allot. Arbonne has a lot of great products that I would like to suggest that will and has helped a lot of girls dealing w/ acne. The Prolief (hormone cream), acne line (clear advantage), RE9 deep pore masque, Makeup (either liquid or mineral powder). You do get a 45 day back guarantee. These products will make a huge difference in your skin. I am so convinced that they will work I will allow you to get at my cost.

  9. hannah2uk1

    Me to I wouldn’t use anything else. Great coverage!

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