Should I go to beauty training courses?

By | March 28, 2014

beauty-schoolsMy mother in law owns a very successful cosmetology school here, and I’m thinking about attending (after not even considering it for 7 years). Those of you who have been or are going, do you have any advice? I have a good job now, but it’s just a job, I really need something to fall back on.


Do it!

You already have amazing skills when it comes to makeup. I can just imagine you doing nails and hair too. You’re right though, it’s great to fall back on. If the economy is good or bad, women and men will always want to look great. I think you’d be great at it, and I have a feeling you’ll love it.

Come join us on the other side.

I honestly feel it was the best decision I ever made For myself. I’m Happy, I love my job, I love making people feel pretty, the ongoing education is never lacking,  anything else?

Go for it,

my best friend is also a stylist and she loves it, no regrets from her.

You guys are so awesome!

I’ve never had the passion for it is why I’m second guessing myself. But Im more thinking of owning a salon one day.

If you like doing hair and stuff along with makeup that is a great career field to get into! Depending on where you live thought, beauty jobs can be few and far between. I wish I lived in SoCal sometimes because the makeup industry is WAY bigger then in northern cali, hence why I do hair.

I want to go back to beauty training

but have been racking my brain trying to decide what to do, I want to give the facial school stuff a try but don’t feel super confident in myself when it comes to learning new things. I think you would exceed in it if you did it, wish I was by you and we could both go. I always wanted to do EMT but I feel to old to do schooling that long now. Frustration.

I have been a licensed beauty therapist for 21 years now

I still love what I’m doing! I love being in the beauty industry, I love making people feel good about themselves & I love creating through doing hair!

I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Do it! I’m going right now.

And I’m going for the whole shebang! Hair (which includes cuts, colours, extensions, braids, etc.), everything for nails (acrylics, manis, pedis), waxing, and facials. It is so much fun!

Oh and for all that, it’s only 1500 hours.

Which is anywhere from 9mths and up, depending on your attendance. If you miss a lot it will take longer.