I think I need new make-up

By | March 20, 2013

photo00195Can anyone give me tips on what I can do to improve my make-up? I have hooded eyes, and I feel like I look total dragged down. I feel like I look like a basset hound! Thanks!

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  1. hotcom

    I think you look great. I sell makeup but I’m not good at helping people choose it. But I don’t see anythingwrong with yours.

  2. fion4

    omg! I think your so pretty! Nothings wrong with your makeup you look great

  3. glenbg

    Well i agree with the other ladies you look amazing! but a good trick for hooded eyes is add a light color over the lid area and darken a bit the outer corners. i do my sisters eyes and she has the same problem, find colors that compliment your skin tone and have fun 🙂

  4. hannah78

    I think you look beautiful. I recommend staying with matte shades, shimmers will make you appear older than you really are

  5. emily

    Thank you everyone for the compliments! I agree about staying with mattes. However, I have read that if you have a hooded eye, and can’t see your lid much, then use a a perle or frosted on the lid only. I might as well tell you what I do, and perhaps the makeup experts can help me at least make my eye less down turned. Perhaps it’s not just my eyemake up. I feel like everything on my face looks too long and dragged down. If i won a million dollars I would get surgery to correct my saggy neck! Do you think I need a different hair cut?I have had short hair before, and am miserable with it. Even when I was younger, I didn’t have a nice swan like neck.

    Eye Makeup.First I use a concealer lightly over the lids and dust them with powder, this seems to keep my makeup from disappearing during the day.2. I line with a navy blue liner, I have blue eyes with a darker blue ring around the iris. I never know where I should the line on my lower lid.3. I use a light matte shell coloured eye shadow all over the lid and brow bone4. I use a light cinnamon coloured shadow in a V formation to contour. I think this may be my problem. Am I going too far out with the point of my V? The reason I have chosen a warm colour for this, is I find my eyes tend to look bluer if I use warm colours vs a cooler brown.5. Next I use a shimmery light blue on the lid, this softens the dark blue liner.6. Mascara and eyebrow pencil. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I don’t want to look overly made-up, I think that ages you even more!

  6. jamiems

    Here is my suggestion with a very slight change on how you apply the cinnamon color. Instead of bringing it all the way across your eye to the inner corner, sop 1/3 of the way starting from the outside corner and bring it up in a slight wing. I took 2 of your pis and drew a line where you should do this.this way the color helps bring your eyes up and more open. And I recommend blending that same color so it softens the edges. I hope this helps.

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