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By | March 20, 2013

paulmitchellI have talked about this is my other groups but it seems like you ladies get it, well I have been going to Paul Mitchell for about 3 months now to get my cosmology license and I have to say I just love it there I never thought I would learn so much so quick. I have learned cuts colour make up the whole 9 yards and tomorrow is my written test and when I pass ill be on the floor already taking guest.

The type of people there are awesome and really helpful, and the kit you get is amazing. if anyone is in the Chicago area I can hook you up. If anyone has been thinking of going to school for hair I highly suggest looking for a Paul Mitchell in your area(if you live in the US that is). I am really open to answering any questions you ladies might have about hair and colour.

5 thoughts on “Paul Mitchell Beauty Training

  1. bambalam

    What are the tuition prices, I can’t find anything like that on their site. The school looks awesome.

  2. debi

    Your not even licensed and you think you can answer colour questions online?

    What an isnult to my 25yrs as a veteran hair stylist! even I cant answer colour questions in written fomums so well – pictures of what they have and what they want only go so far without touching the real deal…

    As far as I know every school gives you a kit- they sure as heck did 27yrs ago when I went to school, thats like not giving you a book to learn with- of course its included in the fee- if you saw what you pay for the kit alone you’d know what crap is in there. Really thin those shears are all that great? spend 300(and this would be the cheaper end of prices) on a pair of japaneese shears and you’ll know you have been hacking everyone up in beauty school..

    Sorry to seem so mean – but really – you have no live expirence and your soliciting to give out advise! gotta love a beauty school student who knows it all.

  3. anne71

    sidenote: I did have to buy new shears, I use the ones in my kit to cut fabric to make bows with. Paul Mitchell kit should be better though….I got one of their carving combs, love it.

  4. glenbg

    I can’t believe you talk to people this way. As a “veteran hair stylist” you should be proud of another woman making this her dream job and having such a great experience. Anyways, good for you and I wish you tons of luck and happiness.

  5. hotcom

    Just because she is a student doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her stuff. She might have a natural talent for hair and makeup that makes her better than someone who has 25 years under their belt. Not to mention some newbies might be more comfortable getting advice and tips from a polite student than a mightier than thou 25 year veteran.

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