I Need To Reduce The Shinyness Of My Face

By | March 13, 2015

I would love to contribute more except that when I take a pic my forehead and nose are very shiny and I hate that. Is there a simple way to combat that or am I going to need to start using foundation, concealer or a press powder (I swear I don’t even know what some of this stuff is but I am naming it) I know someone sells mineral concealer, would that help? And another thing is finding a colour that matches my skin but not break my already broke piggy bank.

I bought a concealer at the pound store and it looks red on me. I usually buy wet and wild make up cause is a cheap but I love it, they carry a line of natural powder press but have no idea how to find a colour that works for me. Please any advice would really help me out here.


Some people are just extra oily and I’m one of them especially when its hot. In regards to not liking to share pics because of oiliness I do my makeup in front of a fan when its hot and that helps keep me from getting too oily. There are oil blotting sheets that can help through the day. Also a cheap trick I heard of is using toilet cover sheets from restrooms and Nena introduced using Milk of Magnesium which helps reduce oiliness and also works as a primer. Make sure you’re using oil free products. Those will only enhance oiliness and block pours. Oil-free moisturizers will keep your face from getting that greasy look while keeping skin firm and well-hydrated. Clean and Clear has a night vs day lotion

Something change suddenly, I never had a oily problem before but suddenly this summer I was so oily, I was using Clean and clear morning burst, I even switched to the oil free one but I am still having a hard time with the oil on my face. I even tried keeping cool before taking a pic but it doesn’t help. I also break out on my forehead a lot more than I ever did.

Blotting Paper

Try the blotting sheets

Rice Paper

Would rice paper work the same way?

Yes rice paper is the same thing

Clare and I were discussing this yesterday. I’m going to go ahead and put together a mineral powder that will help to absorb excess oil in the skin. Now the foundation that I make has Kaolin Clay in it which does a marvellous job of absorbing oils in the skin.

Concealer doesn’t help with oils. It just helps to conceal blotches or dark circles. Let me see what I can put together here in the next week or so.

Skin changes over the years and you’ll notice that your once ‘balanced’ skin is now not so ‘balanced’. It happened to me when I hit my 30’s. You’ll also noticed that you may have more skin sensitivity and that products that you’ve sworn by for years don’t work quite the same for you any longer.

I did turn 29 this year and my birthday is fast approaching, again. I’ll be 30 soon. I know your a busy woman so take your time, in the mean time I’ll try what you said about the rice paper(that’s why my face looked white in the alter ego pic, I got mad and threw on baby powder on my face or I would have never put up that pic) Thank you for the advice.

I don’t use the rice paper

I’m the milk of magnesia girl. Try using it for a couple of days until she can get her product finished. Just wash your face as usual, put on your moisturizer, take a cotton ball and MOM and put on a light coating all over your face and let it dry (if you see white splotches you’ve used too much), then do your makeup routine as usual. The MOM will not only help with oiliness it will help with mild acne and it’s a great primer. I think Asda has the knock off version for cheap. just get the plain and not the flavoured ones.

I’m more convinced than ever that we need to do the oil absorbent powder. I’ll go ahead and order everything I need for that on Monday and we’ll see what I can do. The Kaolin Clay in the foundation should cut the shininess way down but in the event that more absorbency is needed, I think that other powder is a must. Give me a little time to put this together and we’ll see what happens.