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By | February 21, 2013

photo00008So, yeah.I am VERY pale and wondering about self tanner. In all my years I have NEVER tried it. I don’t get the ins and outs of it. Such as wear you apply it and where you don’t. What is the most natural looking? How much is it to get a spray on and do they really look good? I have allergic reaction to tanning beds for some reason. I use to be able to get in them, but in the past few years I break out in a rash. I could try to lay out, but I don’t have that much free time.  Any suggestions? P.S. I am so pale my friends LAUGH at me in shorts or a skirt! You could outline the veins in my legs…LOL 😉

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  1. michelle10

    Perhaps consider a Mystic Tan but keep in mind prior to going make sure you exfoliate your body so the tan holds the longest it possibly can. If you prefer to use tanning cream here is the trick with them all use 50/50 with regular lotion this helps even it out and not orange the skin. Apply gently on knees, feet, elbow areas… I have had no luck with the spray on ones ….You can consider buying a air brush tanning system which I totally love it will cost you about 400-500 to get but well worth it in the long run it is what celebrities use as well as TV anchors etc.

  2. bambal

    I like the lotions that have tints to them. It’s a gradual colour and looks more natural. Get the jergans or the generic brand at Wal-Mart.

  3. anne34

    I am exactly like you, if it gets cold and I’m wearing shorts or skirt, my legs literally turn purple! LOL! But I have used (and am currently using) Jergens natural glow on my legs. I’ve used LOTS of brands in the past, and this one I like the best, so far. They also have one called Nat. Glow Express which the colour starts to show up pretty much in hours and gets darker over the course of a few days. I want to get that one; because the one I’m using is over 2 years old and probably expired (I didn’t check)! It’s inexpensive and you can get it almost anywhere (i.e. Target, Wal-Mart). I only use it on my legs and arms, but apparently they have one specifically for face too.

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