Self Tanning

By | May 7, 2013

Self-TanningI am so pale right now and don’t want to use a tanning booth. I have never used a good self tanner before that doesn’t turn me orange. What’s a good one? Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Self Tanning

  1. rebecca

    You should try Arbonne’s self tanner. I use it and love it. I’ve tried tons of them before and always looked orange. The Arbonne tanner really makes me look like I have a natural tan.

  2. debi

    I really like the Jergens Natural Glow lotion-it moisturizes and gives a bit of colour-the more you use, the more colour. Another one I used last year was Loral Sublime and I like that as well!

  3. splorange

    Arbonne’s Self-Tanner, along with their other Sun Care Products, gets my vote of confidence too…pure, safe, and beneficial. All new products will be paraban free in the next month!

  4. becks

    I use Arbonne’s self tanner and love it. I am very fair skinned and have horrible luck with looking orange. I’ve had great results with Arbonne. I’d be happy to answer your questions and give you my 35% discount. Good luck and I hope you find something that you are happy with.

  5. simplyhottubs

    I get airbrushed for tanning. I mess up self tanners and end up looking splotchy.

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