Massage Therapy

On this page below there are many posts on massage training courses. If you are seriously considering becoming a therapist in this field we would recommend that you read each one carefully particularly if you are unfamiliar with holistic treatments.

Being a therapists in this field is a potential lucrative career choice if you are comfortable using your hands for the benefit of your clients. As a therapist you will be trained in a number of different types of massage and have to opportunity of working in beauty salons, spas or as a mobile therapist. You can earn in excess of £50 per hour as an experienced massage therapist.

Where to start

I you have no previous experience or knowledge at all in the beauty industry then before deciding which course to enroll on we recommend that you first read this page to highlight some of the options available to you and decisions you need to make. You may also the following posts helpful:

What is a Basic Swedish Massage?

When you imagine a regular massage, you are most probably thinking of the Swedish form or a derivative. Salons, spas, and health clubs typically offer this. You can also find it offered in many chiropractors. A basic Swedish massage is the most popular type in the western world. A therapist will frequently have their own […]

Aromatherapy Massage Courses

There is a close relationship between massage techniques and the oils used during the process. If you have an interest in the subject or would like to practice it professionally you should sign up for an aromatherapy massage course. Any training of this type must be tailored to give you insight into the finer details […]

Sports Massage Courses

Train in sports massage and you will learn to rehabilitate and manipulate various tissues of the body. It is frequently applied to alleviate various aches and pains cause by  the stresses and strains of modern life or recreational/sporting activities. Once you pass the course you will often be able to work as a sports massage […]

Fast Track (3 Weeks) Massage Therapy Courses

Are you beginner who would like to train as a massage therapist and gain a national recognised and accredited NVQ Level 3 qualification in just 3 weeks? Or perhaps you are already familiar with some treatment and would like to add body massage to your menu. You can now enrol on on intensive fast track […]

What Is A Massage Therapist?

A massage therapist is someone that treats clients or patients by using touch to influence the soft-tissue muscles of the body. A therapist therefore alleviates pain, lessens stress, rehabilitates injuries, aids in the general wellness of clients as well as increases relaxation. Typical duties They use hands, fingers or elbows to knead, stroke and influence […]

Body Massage Courses

Body massage is considered to be an essential skill for all beauty therapists. This is a short course ideal for beauty therapists wanting to add body massage to their list of available treatments, anyone wishing to try massage without the time and cost commitment of a full blown NVQ L3 massage course. The Carlton Institute […]

Massage NVQ Level 3 Training

Offer your clients both psychological and physical benefits by adopting a number of different body mass storage treatments. Massage is an essential part of any treatment menu and whether you went to work as a mobile therapist or in a salon you will find that the start-up costs are very low, but financial rewards can […]

How To Become A Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy Many people are familiar with the positive effects of massage therapy. It’s likely that they have have been recipients of one in the past and have enjoyed the healing and relaxing properties it can offer. While many different types of massage therapies exist, the basic premise remains the same, proving it’s a skilful […]

Indian Head Massage Courses

What is It? A massage is an effective way to eliminate physical and mental stress and is very relaxing. It helps your body to overcome a lot of strain and pain and helps in maintaining good health as well as improving skin health and toning up your muscles and bones. All massage is based on […]