Aromatherapy Massage Courses

By | October 3, 2014

flower essenceThere is a close relationship between massage techniques and the oils used during the process. If you have an interest in the subject or would like to practice it professionally you should sign up for an aromatherapy massage course. Any training of this type must be tailored to give you insight into the finer details of the process.

A good course delves into how to prepare for the massage, the best oils, and different techniques to use as per the needs of individual clients.

It does not only help you understand the co-relation between the different ingredients but looks into their effects on the body, spirit and mind.

Course Content


essential-oilsIt is best suited for persons interested in alternative natural medicine that has been known to have little or no negative effect on the body. A student will have in-depth-knowledge about the use of tea tree, pine, eucalyptus, and essential oils during the process. For instance, rosemary has been empirically evaluated for its cleansing and energizing effects. The others that fall in the same range that will be studied in detail include lavender, calamine, and geranium.

You will also have the opportunity to learn more about herbal distillates and phytoncides that play a central role in aromatherapy. The uplifting ingredients in aromatherapy products like ylang ylang, neroli, and clary sage will be studied too.

Other skills

The course looks at different aspects of this particular holistic treatment that will help you get the most out of the practice. These include:

  • understanding the safety precautions you need to undertake and the specific contra indications,
  • pretreatment measures to be undertaken
  • origin of important oils used

The other things that are taught are:

  • carrier oils
  • after care

In a nut shell, the training covers everything you need to know in this category of aromatherapy methods and techniques. This is actually what forms the solid foundation of the overall course for persons interested in pursuing this career path.

Entry Requirements

Before you can undertake this course you often need to have completed Body Massage training. The finer details of body massage need to be well understood in order for you to learn these skills. It is important to note that prior to the commencement students are always introduced to the course content for them to have a rough idea of what to expect in due time.

Qualification On Completion

At the end of the aromatherapy massage course, students are issued with a diploma which is vital for their career progress. In almost all cases, they become eligible for Holistic Therapist Insurance which is vital for active participants in this industry. This training increases the chances of individuals seeking employment in major leisure and hospitality institutions to get a job without complication.

It is after having an understanding of aromatherapy that you will find it easier to deal with most of the clients. This course ensures that clients with digestive disorders, headaches, back pain, and premenstrual syndrome are well taken care of.