Indian Head Massage Courses

By | March 13, 2013

What is It?

IndianHeadMassageA massage is an effective way to eliminate physical and mental stress and is very relaxing. It helps your body to overcome a lot of strain and pain and helps in maintaining good health as well as improving skin health and toning up your muscles and bones. All massage is based on an ancient technique followed in India that provides various benefits to your body and helps you stay fresh and active.

Indian head massage is one popular type of massage therapy that works as a stress buster and helps greatly in improving health. This one is based on ancient healing system of Ayurveda in India and is practices across the world because of its health and relaxation benefits.

It usually involves working on the:

  • upper back
  • shoulders
  • upper arms
  • neck
  • scalp
  • ears
  • face

Certain herbal oils are used and it is considered one of the gentlest forms of massage. There are various acupressure points in the above mentioned areas which are massaged slowly with rhythmic movements. Each session lasts up to 30 to 45 minutes and regular treatment can heal a lot of health issues related to stress, and fatigue and helps greatly in enhancing the overall immunity, concentration, patience, eyesight and active thinking.

It also helps in relieving insomnia, stress, depression, eye strain, anxiety, sinusitis and tension. It helps in improving the health of the scalp, simulating hair growth and prevents problems with premature hair fall and greying. The massage relaxes and tones facial muscles and improves appearance of facial skin. It contributes to improved blood circulation and helps in restoring joint movements. It also offers deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of total well being. Because it relieves stress and tensions, it helps in maintaining proper blood pressure levels that is beneficial for your heart.

Learning Indian head massage

There is a great demand in health and fitness industry for this type of holistic treatment and there are many centres in UK that offer it to the public. There are many workshops and schools that offer courses in this type of treatment from which you can learn its technique. Because of global demand, one can easily take this up as a successful career option and earn well from it. Most training centres which provide this course teach everything from basic to advanced level of massaging.

You will be taught human anatomy of head and neck and about blood supply, bones, arteries, veins, nerves, muscles and lymph supply associated with head and neck. You will learn techniques and procedures for performing head massage and their benefits. You will also learn how to treat people with different problems and stress levels and about different skin types and how the massages works on them. There are many fast track courses from which you can learn in just a few days. Once you learn and pass this course you can start your own massage business and even cater to clients in salons or at their homes. It has good earning opportunity and is not very difficult to learn.