Gel Nail Courses with Free Manicure, Nail Art and Polish Training

By | July 17, 2013

gel nailsGel nails are the latest and hottest craze in the business and are comparable to acrylic, or manufactured, nails. In the UK, 9 out of 10 of man-made nails are made from gel. This is because simple: Gel nails look amazing and have several benefits compared to other nail beauty treatments.

All gel nails treatments can be put on similar to acrylic nails, with a complete set put on the points to make them longer. Though some customers wait more, similar to natural nails, gel versions commonly should be filled once every two to three weeks. They are long lasting, healthy and delightful in their simpleness and also the application is very simple to get rid of. It is one of many professional nail classes taught at the Carlton Institute

Gel Nail Training Courses

Habia-VTCT-LogoNow the sun has finally arrived, lots of girls across the nation looking to make use of a variety of salon beauty treatments before heading on vacation, now cannot be considered a great time for you to master these sought after nail beauty treatments. Not enough of reason to book a course? The Carlton Institute now are providing a free of charge manicure for first-timers once they sign up for a class. Just book a manicure course together with an Acrylic or Gel Nail and you’ll get the manicure training completely free!

Trained already?

If you’re a person with nail experience, like an existing Nail Tech, why don’t you incorporate additional nail techniques to your own CV and entice new customers? With this offer, in the event you learn with the Carlton Institute through booking an Acrylic or Gel nail extension course, and select either Ultraviolet Gel Polish course or a Nail Art course and you will get them completely free as well!

These courses are held throughout the UK  and only take 2 days to complete. Once you are qualified you can earn as much as £40 per set of gel nails extensions.

Benefits Of Gel Nails

One benefit is the fact that gel does not have an odour, and due to the method of the thoroughly clean procedure it results in very little particles being produced as it just demands very little buffing pre and post use. Another is that a nail specialist doesn’t need to file down the customer’s natural nail to put on the gel topcoat. The technician can put it right on the surface of the nail bed, this saves lots of time as well as being much safer for the nail tech and customer.

They can be applied in long-lasting colours in addition to clear or French nails. Making the procedure really adaptable to a lot of styles, so regardless of whether you will want it put on natural nails, as an overlay or just in the end, the gel nails treatment is a dazzling enhancement to manicures, while in addition encouraging strong fingernails. This technique could also be employed to Glass and Acrylic nails as well.

You’ll find a lot treatments for nails found at salons. A at present sought after and fashionable treatment for nails is the Gel nails. Gel fortifies and encourages the development of your nails. The gel is put on and treated with an Ultraviolet light in an exceedingly brief period, which gives a natural polished surface finish to your fingernail whilst providing your fingernail with a tough but elastic feel, as soon as your nails are prepared.

A Gel nail treatment is a kind of nail improvement. They were initially designed to become a heavy topcoat while it grows out to secure the natural nail. Girls who’ve nice nails but couldn’t grow them very long without worrying about breaking them can achieve this using the gel treatment.

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