Nail Art Training Courses

By | January 16, 2014

nail-artIf you want to learn the techniques required to create stunning nail art the nail art training course is perfect fro you. Due to it’s effective yet simple way for people update their appearance this treatment has recently become very popular.

Complete this course and you will be able to offer you clients a anything for simple designs to advance intricate patterns – with  nail art there is always something to suit anyone’s tastes. Popularity in this treatment is high all year round and the number of different designs you can apply is only limited by your creativity.

How much can I charge for this treatment?

Once you have you diploma you will become eligible to receive insurance for applying this treatment on paying clients. Once insured you can charge anything from £5 – £10 for each nail.

How do I become qualified in Nail Art?

Simply book a half day course at the UK’s leading beauty trainer The Carlton Institute. Attend the course at a location and date which suits you and at the end of it you will receive an accredited diploma in Nail Art so you can apply the treatment to paying clients.

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Course contents

The training course contains everything you need to become qualified in nail art.

  • Contraindication, health and safety and client care
  • Brush techniques.
  • How to price and market your art.
  • Free-hand techniques: dotting, transfers, glitter, gems, striping tape, flicks, marbling and foils.
  • Client after-care

Entry requirements

No previous experience required.


map of the ukThis half day training course is available at training centres in:

  • Cardiff
  • Windsor
  • Exmouth
  • Brentwood
  • London
  • Chichester
  • Malvern Spa
  • Birmingham
  • Burton
  • Stockport
  • Durham
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast

Who can do this course?

The complete beginner – There are no entry requirements and it is assumed that you don’t know anything about nail work. Everything is provided by the trainers so all you have to do is turn up and learn a new create and potentially lucrative skill.

Those with some experience – You may know a one or two treatments which you practice on clients such as gel or acrylic extensions, or maybe you have performed manicures for your friends a few times. You should find this course very straightforward enabling you to boost your repertoire or treatments attracting more clients or simply impress you friends.

Experienced technician – Learning a new skill to add to your list of available treatments is always going to be beneficial for your business. This nail art course will enable you to increasing your income, client base and unleash your creative, artistic side.