Nail Technician Salary

By | October 15, 2013

nail techAs the demand for specialised manicures and acrylic nails rises in UK, the demand for nail technicians also show a substantial growth. If your interests lie in beauty and personal grooming, working as a nail technician may be a perfect and satisfying opportunity for you. As a nail technician, you can explore your creativity as well as earn good money. There are many courses run by various colleges and private institutes that can be undertaken to become a nail tech. Depending on your goals and your current expertise, you can choose which course you want to opt for.

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How Much Can You Earn?

The average salary that a nail technician can earn can vary from £11000 to £16000  a year depending on your experience and creativity. More experienced technicians can earn as much as £25000 annually. How much you are able to earn will depend on your creativity, client service and keeping in loop with the latest trends in nail art.

The Work

Working as a nail technician, your work will mainly comprise of performing basic beauty treatments on your client nails like manicure and pedicure, nail cleaning and filing, using nail extensions and false nails, beautifying the nails with the help of nail colour, gems, glitters etc. as well as by drawing designs on the nails either by hand or with the help of an stencil. You would also be responsible for repairing and removing of nail extensions if the customer wishes it. It is also advisable for a nail tech or nail artist to check the health and condition of the customer’s nails before any treatment is undertaken and accordingly advise which treatment should the customer opt for.

Advising the clients about proper nail care and suggesting nail care products that can be helpful for them would not only put the client’s trust in you but also win you more customers.

Whether working in a salon or running your own set-up, it is mandatory for a nail technician to maintain proper hygiene. All the equipment that are used should be sterilized properly, the colours used should be within the expiry date. These basic precautions can work towards a successful career as a nail technician.

Employed Or Self Employed?

As a nail technician, you can either work for a reputed salon or spa or go the self employed root and start you own business as a therapist for nails.

Employed In As Salon/Spa

As a nail technician, one can either choose to work for a salon or work self employed. It is advisable, especially if you are new to the field, to go for the salon/spa option. Working with other technicians would be valuable to a novice as you will be able to gain much more experience from you colleagues. Working in a salon would also bring you ready made clients. You might have to work for 35 to 40 hours a week including weekends and holidays.

Self Employed Therapist

If you choose to work independently, you can decide how many hours you want to put every single day. You can also decide how much to charge your clients. Working independently is becoming a very popular option for the nail artists today. You will not only enjoy flexible timings but also be able to work in the convenience of your home or visit clients at their homes.